Local Dad Gives Lesbian Couple ‘The Nod’ For Some Reason — The Betoota Advocate

Local Dad Gives Lesbian Couple 'The Nod' For Some Reason — The Betoota Advocate


A silent kinship has been sort of shared in Betoota Heights today as a local dad gave a lesbian couple ‘the nod’ for a reason that no one is really quite sure of. 

Also known as the ‘you good?’, ‘the nod’ is a silent gesture used by many marginalised communities around the world as a way of acknowledging each other’s existence in a world where they face adversity.

One person not facing any adversity is Betoota Heights dad Fergle Dudrock (50) who for some unknown reason gave the nod to a couple who were having coffee at a cafe he happened to be passing.

Although his wife implored us not to waste our time asking her husband to justify his enigmatic nodding, The Advocate went ahead and asked Dudrock what he was doing handing out nods to random queer women on the street.

“Oh you know,” stated Dudrock, the faintest tickle of a shit eating grin popping up on the side of his mouth.

“Just to say, not that they need my approval or anything but yeah.”

Our team asked the couple in question for a comment but were told it is not their place to explain the queer experience to insecure white men who think they know everything about random tight-knit communities and therefore would not be providing a statement to The Betoota Advocate.


Author: Stephen Bailey