Local Cyclists Talk Cycling Over Post-Cycling Breakfast — The Betoota Advocate

Local Cyclists Talk Cycling Over Post-Cycling Breakfast — The Betoota Advocate


A peloton of Betoota’s fastest pedal pushers are out in force this morning, enjoying an active chat about cycling over breakfast.

After clocking up a steady 55km around the outskirts of Betoota, it’s understood a pack of cyclists were spotted dropping into local spandex friendly cafe, The Spoke and Hammer, for a spot of breakfast.

Clip clopping into the popular brunch spot and dragging together three tables to create one monster farm table, it’s reported the team of nine road bike enthusiasts decided to kick off an excitable conversation about their favourite topic; cycling.

Using the cafe napkins to dab the pools of sweat gathering across their foreheads, witnesses say the group spent the majority of their time in the cafe flicking through Strava and comparing notes regarding their most recent ride.

“Wow Gary, looks like you got up to 55km/h on that straight, you were motoring!” cried James Reyes, local president of the Betoota Grove Bike Club.

“Aha hey Chris, looks like I beat your time last week going up Acacia Ridge!” chortled Mark Tan, a stocky rider known for his hill climbing abilities.

After halting conversation for a brief moment to order a round of complex coffees, the group moved the conversation along from recent cycling feats to topics surrounding who’s planning to buy a new bike.

With a multitude of highly paid doctors and physiotherapists seated at the table, its reported conversation soon turned into a measuring contest, as riders gloated about who’s garage would be filled with the most expensive collection of carbon fibre.

“Well I’ve been looking at buying a new Pinarello, should set me back about $10 grand,” gloated Dr Charles O’Donaldson, the sole practitioner at Betoota Heights medical practice.

“Yeah well I’ve been thinking of buying a new dual shock Specialized for my mountain biking, whole thing is gonna cost me $12k!”, barbed back Betoota physio Mark Bailey.

“Now now this isn’t a competition,” cautioned club leader Chris Bianchi.

“But if it was, I beat you all across the railway crossing today, HAHA!”

Author: Stephen Bailey