Local Council Workers Say They Began ‘Quiet Quitting’ The Day They Started The Job — The Betoota Advocate

Local Council Workers Say They Began 'Quiet Quitting' The Day They Started The Job — The Betoota Advocate

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A group of Betoota City Council workers have told The Advocate that they were ahead of the bell curve once again, explaining that they began ‘quiet quitting’ the day they first picked up a shovel to learn on.

The trend of “quiet quitting” has recently gained traction on social media, referring to a phenomenon in which workers reduce their enthusiasm at work and stick to the minimum expectations of their role.

Going above and beyond at work, according to road team member Glenn Tuxworth, is heavily frowned upon and will put a target on your back.

“What type of bloke would do more than he’s asked when he’s working on fixing potholes or something,” he said.

“Fucking no bloke, that’s who. If you’re the type of bloke who wants to do extra work to suck up to the boss, then the rest of us will bully you until you quit. We know all the tricks.”

When the global trend of ‘quiet quitting’ first became known to the blokes on the road team, Glenn said they all had a chuckle.

“I guess you corporate johnnys have been crawling all over each other like rats trying to get ahead for years, hey? Putting in extra work, playing on your firm’s mixed touch team. Getting pissed at work functions. Only hanging out with people from the office in your downtime. Fuck that for a life,” Glenn added.

“The blokes I work with, sure. We can go to the pub after and work and have half a dozen schooners then drive home to the family but we aren’t going to play golf with one another. We just go to work, take turns watching some youngfella dig a home then go to the pub. That’s living. Sucking up to some senior partner who probably looks like a beige beanbag on cornettos when he’s nude, isn’t the life for me.”

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Author: Stephen Bailey