Local Bachelor En Route To First Date Googles a Quick Refresher On Star Signs — The Betoota Advocate

Local Bachelor En Route To First Date Googles a Quick Refresher On Star Signs — The Betoota Advocate


One of Betoota’s most eligible bachelors is doing some quick-fire research this afternoon, taking a brief astrology lesson before a first date.

With Blundstone boots polished and a shirt freshly ironed, local man Caleb Webber (26) is reported to be glued to his phone, taking a refresher course in the attributes of being a Leo.

Sitting upon the X86 bus from Betoota Heights to the French Quarter, it’s understood Mr Webber is heading into town for a date with ‘Larissa’, a local Betoota Arts Graduate and self affirmed ‘Sagittarius’.

“I’ll be honest I don’t believe in this star sign stuff at all,” said Caleb.

“I’m a Leo which means I’m dramatic, charismatic and apparently I love being the centre of attention.”

“Which is all total bullshit cos the last time someone handed me an aux cord at a party I had a panic attack and hid up the back of the room for the rest of the night.”

After several days of friendly chatter coupled with a sprinkle of late night flirting, it’s believed Mr Webber is on route to meet his date at the trendy new Cold War themed cocktail venue, ‘Stalin’s Boudoir’.

Doing some due diligence in case the vodka infused chatter becomes stale, Mr Webber told The Advocate a little knowledge in astrology was always a great way to break through periods of awkward silence, particularly when dating a girl who seems to post lots of tiles on Instagram about ‘a change in seasons’.

“Being an introvert, it always helps to have a little mercury up your sleeve in case I struggle to hold conversation through the first drink.”

“Larissa’s actually been really funny to chat to so far, but if the chat runs dry I don’t think I’ll get much length bringing up what cheapies she’s bookmarked for her NRL SuperCoach.”

“She’s actually already brought up that Leo and Sagittarius get on quite well, so I’m sure she’ll be willing to educate me about my moon sign too if I bring it up!”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey