Jersey Saga Causes Suburban Teen To Hold Off Coming Out To Parents That He’s A Manly Supporter — The Betoota Advocate

Jersey Saga Causes Suburban Teen To Hold Off Coming Out To Parents That He's A Manly Supporter — The Betoota Advocate


A young suburban high school student has today revealed to The Advocate one of the struggles he’s gone through this week.

Sean Williams explained to us that he’s been grappling with the fact that he needs to have a tough conversation with his parents.

“I’ve really got to sit them down and just break the news to them,” he sighed.

“It’s time I told them that I support the Manly Sea-Eagles.”

“My dad is a pretty conservative Broncos supporter, but I’m more worried about mum, who is a full-blown die-hard Eels fan,” explained young Sean.

“But it’s just who I am”

“And they need to accept that,” said Sean, a proud young gay teen who has been lucky enough to grow up in a family group that has accepted him for who he is, so far.

This comes after a group of players at the Sea Eagles decided to sit out of this week’s game, citing concerns about wearing a Pride Jersey.

The group have played the faith card, something which plenty of people allege may be kept in the pocket when it comes to certain activities that rugby league players tend to enjoy.

That has caused a media storm across the Eastern Seaboard, with people like Sean forced to grapple with the reality of their life choices.

“It’s going to be a much harder conversation than telling my parents about my sexuality,” explained Sean.

“Because, I didn’t have a choice in that, but I did choose to support the most hated team in the competition, and that’s something to be ashamed of.”

“But at least the owners, coaches, and larger playing group have committed to the decision to play in the Pride jersey, and hopefully something like this won’t be such an issue the next time it happens.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey