Is This Hawaii 2.0? Albanese Enjoys Decadent European Holiday In Ukraine During Sydney Floods — The Betoota Advocate

Is This Hawaii 2.0? Albanese Enjoys Decadent European Holiday In Ukraine During Sydney Floods — The Betoota Advocate


The new Prime Minister has today proven that he is nothing but ScoMo-in-a-red-tie.

This comes as Anthony ‘Fly Overseasy’ Albanese skirts his responsibilities as PM by opting to take an unannounced holiday in Ukraine, rather than help Australians stuck in the middle of a natural disaster that happened 12 hours ago.

As of this morning, tens of thousands of NSW residents are once again facing evacuation orders as torrential levels of ice cold rain batters the outskirts of Sydney over the weekend.

Warragamba Dam is believed to be spilling at a rate greater than during the floods in March and April, and 32,000 people have either being ordered or advised by the SES to evacuate their homes in the Illawarra, Western Sydney and Hawkesbury-Nepean areas.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has shared his concern about the distressing and record-breaking disaster unfolding across NSW, something that seems to be now happening three times a year, as opposed once every 100 years, like it used to.

However, while the regions facing these climate-change-aided disasters may change every week, one thing that does not change is how little our Prime Ministers care. Regardless of what party is elected.

As floodwaters rose last night, photos emerged of Albanese indulging in a European holiday, as he galavanted around the war-weary streets of Kyiv.

While Opposition leader Peter Dutton faces similar criticism for also being out of action, at least his holiday was ‘announced’ – unlike Prime Minister Albanese, who apparently didn’t tell anyone he was going to the Ukraine out of fear that he would get ‘assassinated’ by Russians. Very weak excuse.

It is not known how long Albanese will spend soaking in the golden Black Sea sun while Sydney floods, but some could argue that this is even worse than the time his predecessor Morrison went to Hawaii for a two week beach holiday in the middle of record-breaking bushfires, and then lied to the media by denying he’d ever left the country, until he was caught out lying because he couldn’t resist getting a photo with some Aussie tourists on Waikiki beach at sunset, forcing him to admit he had fled the country but defended his decision by first blaming his wife and kids, and then eventually losing his temper and saying ‘i don’t hold a hose mate!’ before promising he would come back as soon as could be arranged, which ended up being a week later, because he felt that he deserved the luxury of finishing his overseas holiday while 483 people died and over 4000 people lost their homes

Author: Stephen Bailey