Important Man Buys iPad — The Betoota Advocate


An important man has gone and done a very important thing and affirmed his importance by buying an important iPad.

Herbert Grove, a descendant of Major Wetherby Grove for which Betoota Grove is named, has often considered himself an important person but since his family owned media network acquired a team for him to manage himself, other people have considered him important too.

To celebrate his new found life as a Betoota media mogul, Grove decided to nip down to his local Apple store and buy himself a shiny new iPad.

“I was going to send one of my EAs down to get it, I have three EAs you know, that’s executive assistants for the uninitiated, but then I thought it might be rather novel to procure an iPad for myself,” stated Grove, cradling his tablet as if it were a Roman era scroll.

“I downloaded this ingenious music app that syncs directly with my Tesla, come and take a look…”

While most individuals in the workforce are happy to take notes on a laptop or even pen and paper, important people like Grove must make a distinction that they are the innovative type by using a device that obscures half the screen when typing unless they purchase an additional keyboard or smart pen.

“I did buy the smart pen though actually, it clips to the side of the case like so. Very clever isn’t it?” 

“Now if you’ll excuse me I have a rather important meeting to attend with a certain ex MP who owes me a carton of shiraz or two.”

Author: Stephen Bailey