Idiot Mate’s Childish Hatred Of Coriander Automatically Rules Out 4 Different Cuisines For Dinner — The Betoota Advocate

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A bloke with a childish palate has made dinner plans unnecessarily difficult this evening, after piping up that his delicate taste buds couldn’t handle a little bit of garnish.

Nathan Hollerman [32] is said to have knocked not one but FOUR dining options due to his passionate hatred of coriander, refusing to compromise or just ‘fucking pick it out’, as one of his mate’s suggested.

“I can’t fucking pick it out, it’s everywhere!”, said a frustrated Nathan, “it tastes like fucking soap.”

“Vietnamese is covered in it, I’d be picking it out all night.”

Now just having a fun time ganging up on him, Nathan’s mates take turns suggesting that he’s a little piss baby that needs to grow up.

“Mate, it’s a fucking herb.”

“It tastes DIFFERENT to me than it does to you. Imagine if I fucking poured some Dettol until your pho, would you like that, Tess?”

“Nah how can it taste like soap, tastes fine to me”, says his mate Dan, who knows this will no doubt send Nathan over the edge.




“…Fucking weak bloodline there mate.”

It’s alleged Nathan almost reached the point of tears, before Tess stated that she’d actually been angling for Japanese all night, come to think of it.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey