Hospo Turned Office Worker Learns Hard Way That Sexually Charged Workplace Flirting No Longer Acceptable — The Betoota Advocate

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A woman who worked in a bar all throughout her uni course has unfortunately this week learned the hospo world operates very differently from the standard 9 to 5…in more ways than one.

Alice McCall [23] is said to have just completed her degree in marketing when she landed an entry level position at an agency, which offered the exact same hourly page she earned at the Shifty Hen, but this time, it would no longer be acceptable to drink on the job.

Or, unfortunately, partake in the other very fun but very naughty aspect of bar culture – rooting your coworker.

As someone who regularly flirted with the kitchen boys and had a casual tryst with the resident fuckboy bartender, Alice had forgotten that that shit doesn’t fly in the corporate world, unless you’re a highly paid white bloke in a position of power.

She speaks to our reporter Effie, and admits that she’s already copped a warning from HR for openly flirting with the attractive marketing manager.

“I didn’t realise it was looked down upon to sleep with your coworkers”, says Alice, sadly, “but, they’re like, right there, you know?”

“How do you make work fun if you can’t exchange stolen glances with the hot colleague and bask in the simmering sexual tension?”

Stating it was hard to adapt, having worked at a place where everyone was boning each other, Alice asks if this is what being a corporate professional is really like.

“Maybe I just need to be more lowkey about it”, she sighs.

“How boring.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey