Hordes Of Incels Who’ve Never Watched A Quarter Of Netball Suddenly Concerned For Game’s Future — The Betoota Advocate

Hordes Of Incels Who've Never Watched A Quarter Of Netball Suddenly Concerned For Game's Future — The Betoota Advocate

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The game of netball has this week received support from an army of fans it never knew it had.

This comes following the Gina Rineheart sponsorship saga, with the Hancock Prospecting boss pulling 15 million dollars worth of cash for Netball Australia.

The withdrawal of the funds followed the players refusing to wear the Hancock Prospecting logo, after referencing comments made by Rineheart’s late father Lang Hancock.

The old mining magnate claimed less than 40 years ago that the nation should sanction the genocide of Indigenous people, comments which Gina has failed to condemn or distance herself from.

While plenty of people would claim that advocating genocide is pretty fucking crook, others have sought to brush the scandal off as ‘woke PC hysteria.’

Many of those trying to play down the comments have been trying to convince Netball Australia to think of what’s best for the game.

“They are jeopardising the future of Netball,” explained one of the new found Netball advocate’s named Marcus.

Despite never watching a single quarter of top level netball, Marcus says he just has the games best interest at heart.

“They can’t be turning down that kind of money, they are running the game into the ground,” continued the man who couldn’t tell you who Liz Watson is.

“I just hate to see people ruining the sport,” said the bloke who seems to always be talking about the financial viability of women’s sport for some reason.

“Sad you know,” finished the man who first mentioned NRLW when a player posted a tweet he thought was disrespectful.

Marcus then refused to make any commitment to actually supporting the sport he apparently cares about.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey