Heartbreak High Remake Met With Rave Reviews Despite Clear Lack Of Eyebrow Piercings — The Betoota Advocate


At the time of writing Heartbreak High (2022) is one of the most streamed TV shows worldwide with the rest of the world finally getting a good gander of how Aussies talk when we’re not pandering to the USA.

Sharing a name and universe with the long-running 1990s original, the new Heartbreak High continues the spirit of the original with a multicultural cast, passion for teenage promiscuity and insistence that any suburb in Sydney could have such a great variety in culture and socio-economic status. 

However, one tradition they failed to uphold is eyebrow rings for the hunks as the new version spends all eight episodes being 100% eyebrow piercing free.

Throughout the 270 episodes of the original Heartbreak High, 111 featured Callan Mulvey as the not-at-all-stereotypically-named Yugoslavain heart throb Bogdan Drazic.

Rocking an era-appropriate eyebrow ring, Drazic was the cause for many a straight awakening amongst young and impressionable Australian women who were just learning they might fancy the odd bad boy now and then.

Until the recent series debuted on Netflix, the lingering memory of Drazic’s eyebrow piercing was all that kept Heartbreak High from fading into obscurity along with Drazic’s frankly shocking shell necklace rotation that we’d honestly rather not talk about.

While the makers of the new series should be praised for their representation of stigmas effecting queer, Indigenous, autistic, and mentally ill people, they missed out on a big opportunity to introduce eyebrow piercings to a whole new generation.


Author: Stephen Bailey