Gladys Too Busy Enjoying Amalfi Coast To Notice Those Same Men Have Destroyed Another Government — The Betoota Advocate

Gladys Too Busy Enjoying Amalfi Coast To Notice Those Same Men Have Destroyed Another Government — The Betoota Advocate


In news that really surprised nobody in particular, it looks like the NSW Government is once again at the centre of yet another ICAC investigation.

This comes NSW upper house has sent a transcript of its inquiry into how former deputy premier John Barilaro managed to secure a $500,000-a-year ‘jobs for the boys’ trade role to the corruption watchdog.

ICAC is already considering whether to investigate the circumstances in which Barilaro was appointed to the lucrative US post after he quit politics, and whether it was as brazenly, bone-chillingly corrupt as it fucken sounds.

If the cronyism and and misconduct is as bad as we are betting it is, there is a fair chance the current Premier Dominic Perrottet will have to stand down, pending an investigation into what he knew, and what he signed off on – as was the precedent set by two of the last three Liberal leaders of the NSW government.

This is not the first time an underwhelming and unimportant NSW Nationals MP has brought down a Liberal Premier, with Perrottet’s predecessor Gladys Berejiklian resigning in just 9 months ago – after it was revealed that ICAC was investigating whether was involved in a ‘breach of public trust’ by failing to report the conduct of her ex-lover, the former member for Wagga Wagga and one of the dumbest men in the Riverina, Daryl Maguire.

However, unlike the downfall of the beloved Berejiklian, it seems this time the public has a taste for blood – and are quite outspoken about their desires to see all of the men that destroyed her government go down.

While Berejiklian will be remembered as a stoic leader that helped carry NSW through the tumultuous 2021 lockdown and the 2019 bushfires, her successor Perrottet has not had the chance to introduce himself as a Premier, after being snowed down by hospital passes from Scott Morrison, Liberal Party in-fighting, endless floods, and now the stench that is wafting from the litigious arse of John Barilaro.

The people of NSW are waiting once again with baited breathe until either an election, or another shock resignation of a Premier.

However, there is one private citizen who has not yet had the opportunity to catch themselves up on this news: former Premier Berejiklian.

The Betoota Advocate reached out to Berejiklian, but were met with a voicemail informing us that she was too busy enjoying summer in the Amalfi Coast to take any phone calls about those men that ruined her political career.

Author: Stephen Bailey