Family Forced To Applaud Eight-Year-Old’s Absolutely Pathetic Magic Act — The Betoota Advocate

Family Forced To Applaud Eight-Year-Old's Absolutely Pathetic Magic Act — The Betoota Advocate


Magic is evidently all around us, even if it has withered a little under the spotlight in the living room of a Betoota Heights home this week.

Like a lot of eight-year-olds with no interest in sport, Leo McGuire has gotten really into his magic tricks even if he might not have the patience to practice any of them.

As a result, young McGuire the Magnificent decided to perform an impromptu magic act for his grandparents who would probably still applaud if he pulled a skinned and rotten rabbit from his hat.

“Is this your card?” asked Leo, hoping that the third time’s a charm.

“OK, what about THIS card?”

After what the young illusionist will surely look back on as a woeful cup and ball routine, McGuire finished up with some bendy pencil material before enjoying a warm, but ultimately forced round of applause.

“Thank you, thank you, I’ll be in the kitchen signing autographs.”

While the reception to his face was warm and supportive, when our reporters reached out to the senior McGuires for a comment they found the sentiment had skewed to the negative.

“What the fuck was that I mean honestly?”

“He made my chances of coming around here for tea again simply disappear!”

“Someone buy him a footy so he can injure his own brain for a change.”


Author: Stephen Bailey