Experts Naming Melbourne As Australia’s Most Liveable City Mustn’t Have Read The News For A Couple Years — The Betoota Advocate

Experts Naming Melbourne As Australia's Most Liveable City Mustn't Have Read The News For A Couple Years — The Betoota Advocate


The experts behind those yearly liveability lists have today confirmed to the world that they haven’t really been keeping up to date with current affairs.

This comes after Melbourne was deemed to be a top 10 city in the world to live in.

The European cities of Vienna, Copenhagen and Zurich take out the top three spots to live, with experts seemingly assuming everyone earns more than a 100,000 euros.

Released today, The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2022 survey has Melbourne placed 10th on the list globally, and leading the way for Australia.

It’s somehow finished higher than places like Brisbane and Betoota, in a clear sign the people from the Economist Intelligence Unit have a few funny ideas in their heads.

This comes as the lockdown capital of the world emerges from a two year period of coughing on itself and practicing really poor personal hygiene.

Despite the fact the people of Melbourne weren’t allowed to travel more than 5ks from their house for most of 2020 and 2021, experts seem to think that it’s the best place in the country to live.

“Clearly they haven’t been reading the news have they,” laughed local Queensland man Selwyn Taulagi.

“At least they’ve got the world’s largest drop toilet (Sydney) pegged down a few spots.”

“Not sure how they come up with these lists though.”

“But they seem to be a little bit detached to say the least.”

A spokesperson from Melbourne was asked about the issue but told The Advocate to get fucked.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey