England Seriously Underestimating How Long These Blokes Can Hold On For — The Betoota Advocate

England Seriously Underestimating How Long These Blokes Can Hold On For — The Betoota Advocate


The people of Britain are today kidding themselves if they think that their wildly unpopular Prime Minister will resign in the face of extreme pressure from his own party and voters.

This comes as Boris Johnson defies stern advice from his senior ministers to quit, vowing to cling on to leadership with both hands.

More than 32 politicians and parliamentary officials have joined the growing rebellion against Johnson in the past two days, starting with the sudden resignations of Treasurer Rishi Sunak and health secretary Sajid Javid.

After a never-ending string of scandals that began with him denying the seriousness of the pandemic in early 2020 and ending up on a ventilator after insisting on shaking hands with Covid-positive patients, Mr Johnson’s latest transgression involves the mishandling of a sexual harassment case in his own party.

It is being reported that the British PM’s most trusted allies in the cabinet paid him a visit yesterday at 10 Downing Street and urged him to pack it in. However, as a man that has ducked and weaved any form of repercussions for his incompetence for the best part of 40 years, Johnson has firmly turned down suggestions that he seek a “dignified exit” and opted instead to hold on.

It cited a source close to Mr Johnson as saying he told colleagues there would be “chaos” if he quit.

After surviving a leadership spill just months ago, the newest wave of resignations has the exhausted British voters excited about the possibility of this circus ending sooner rather than later

Unfortunately for the poms, the Australian people who are watching this binfire from the other side of the planet can confirm that Britian are far from the bitter end.

After having just voted out their own born-to-rule Boris Johnson equivalent in the shape of Scott Morrison, after the most chaotic parliamentary term since WWII, Australia knows for a fact that this particular brand of husky smart arse white man is immune to humiliation and scandal.

Australians are today advising the British to not get their hopes up, because this kind of bloke will hold on by a thread until the next election, which he will push back to the very latest date possible in 2025, before the voters finally get the opportunity to cause generational damage to his party.

Author: Stephen Bailey