“Electric Vehicles Are Fine For Road Trips” Says Bondi Man Who Has Never Been West Of Mascot — The Betoota Advocate

“Electric Vehicles Are Fine For Road Trips” Says Bondi Man Who Has Never Been West Of Mascot — The Betoota Advocate


A local Bondi man is championing the long-range power of electric vehicles today, despite never travelling more than a 1km outside of his Bondi bubble.

Taking part in a heated dinner table debate with three of his housemates, it’s understood Fin-tech Sales Manager, Hugo Birrell (26) has this evening gone to bat for Australia’s limited range of EVs, and their even more limited range of battery power.

A born and bred Bondi local, who has somehow continued to happily live in a 5km suburban bubble long after the NSW health restrictions were lifted, Hugo reported told his housemates it was time they all started investing in electric cars.

“We should all be buying EVs, it’s time Australia went green!” warbled Hugo, who currently drives the same Golf Polo his parents gifted him for his 21st birthday. 

“Whether you’re rich or poor, city or country, we’ve all just got to get onboard.”

After rattling off the many environmental benefits of electric vehicles, it’s believed Hugo’s bold advocation for EVs was met with stiff debate from fellow housemate Angus Charlton, a former farm kid who regularly travels to Walcha in rural NSW to visit his parents.

“I’m sure my Grandkids will be keen to buy one, when they get their Ps…” chuckled Angus, who’s spent more than half of his waking life driving on rural roads.

“Because right now those EVs could probably get me as far as Chatswood, before I’d have to turn around and come back to Bondi to charge the bastard back up again.”

“What do you even need a longdistance car for anyway, the most west you ever travel is to Mascot, and that’s to board a plane to Europe…”

Licking his wounds after taking on his rural housemate head-on, Hugo reportedly stomped away from the kitchen table, but not before leaving behind one last dim-witted thought for consideration.

“Well at least we should make all Uber drivers drive EVs, surely the government could like subsidise my Uber trips or something?!”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey