Desperate Fun Boy Raids Nanna’s Wardrobe To Find Breezy Floral Blouse For Splendour — The Betoota Advocate

Desperate Fun Boy Raids Nanna's Wardrobe To Find Breezy Floral Blouse For Splendour — The Betoota Advocate


One of Betoota’s most notorious party boys has made an impromptu visit to see his Grandma this week, as he looks to curate his outfits for Australia’s largest music festival.

With a few days to go before jetting off to Byron for Splendour in the Grass, The Advocate understands local Boost Juice brewer Sam Bender was forced to make the visit to source a unique floral shirt, one that wouldn’t be replicated on site by other festival goers.

Despite spending most of the weekend tearing through several racks of dead people’s clothes at both South and North Betoota Vinnies, it’s believed Sam’s quest to find a new breezy blouse has been thwarted by other festival goers, who are doing exactly the same thing.

Knocking on the door of his Nan’s house this afternoon, it’s understood Sam sipped through half a cup of Earl Grey Tea and feigned a nibble on a stale Arrowroot biscuit, before dropping a lie to convince his 76-year-old Grandma to let him take a quick look at the fabrics in her closet.

“Ahhh Nan, Mum said you’ve had some clothes moths problems lately, mind if I check out your wardrobe?” inquired Sam, perfectly aware his Nan vacuum seals most of her clothing.

“I might even take a few of your shirts and get them dry cleaned for you, I’ll have them to you back next week!”

Taking one look at the long rack of 36 floral shirts, most of which were purchased from the much cherished Millers fashion boutique in town, Sam’s eyes lit up as if he’d found the Splendour jackpot.

Picking out three light paisley favourites, Sam’s believed to have remembered he might also be able to borrow some headwear from his Grandfathers time in the Navy.

“Hey Nan, do we still have Grandpa’s Sea Captain hat, the white one with the gold trim!?”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey