Dad Suspicious After Daughter’s New Boyfriend Turns Up With Fruity Beer He’s Never Heard Of — The Betoota Advocate

Dad Suspicious After Daughter's New Boyfriend Turns Up With Fruity Beer He's Never Heard Of — The Betoota Advocate


A household in Betoota Heights has been the scene of a tense standoff today, as the festive season serves up yet another interesting family situation.

Holly, the youngest (and rumoured “golden child”) of the Barker family presented her latest boyfriend, Ben who, after 18 months of going steady, made his long-awaited debut at the Barker residence. 

While mum is quickly impressed by Ben’s gift of Celine Dion’s “Taking Chances Tour” DVD, Barker patriarch Brett is reportedly more concerned about the new addition to the family.

 “Another one of these city hipsters drinking fancy fruity beer,” grumbled the father of 3 in reference to the case of Stone & Wood young Ben turned up with.

“I mean, credit to the bloke for turning up with a case, but I’m just not sure I trust anyone who drink that craft piss stuff,” continued Brett who swears allegiance to a generic lager he’s religiously drunk for the last 4 decades.

It’s unknown whether the old boy plans to let this difference in taste get in the way of a healthy relationship moving forward, but mum is reportedly elated that Ben is already referring to her as “Bev.”

Speaking to The Advocate about the situation, the young boyfriend in question says he’s not really sure why his father in law’s nose is so out of joint.

“Jesus, you’d think I’d keyed his Hilux the way he’s carrying on about the beer,” laughed the unpaid brand ambassador.

“I mean come on, Stoneys aren’t exactly some double citrus pomegranate hazy IPA’s”

“He’s turning it up a bit if you ask me.”

“Lucky I’ve got Bev onside,” he laughed.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey