Dad Going After His Rose Bushes Like They Owe Him Money — The Betoota Advocate

Dad Going After His Rose Bushes Like They Owe Him Money — The Betoota Advocate


A Betoota Heights father of four really put his back into yesterday afternoon, it can be confirmed.

Returning home from work just before sunset, Geoffrey Watson was reportedly seen going hell for leather on the rose bushes out the back.

With the grass not quite ready for its weekly mow and not enough time to start on that DIY project mum’s been hassling him about for days, big Geoff decided it was time to clean up one of the jewels of his garden.

An avid gardener and handyman, Geoff’s stay-at-home financial burdens who’ll fight over everything when he dies explained that he normally seems to enjoy jobs like pruning the rose bushes.

However, with multiple swear words audible from the kitchen nearly 10 metres away, it can be confirmed that Geoffrey wasn’t in the fucking mood yesterday.

Mumbling some about the cunnavthing fucking secateurs, it can be confirmed that that the old boy was going for the rose bush like it owes him money.

“It was pretty full-on,” explained his oldest financial burden.

“He was acting like each stem belonged to the hand of someone who’d stolen money from him.”

“And he works as an accountant, so he’s not normally known for displaying such emotions.”

The Advocate attempted to speak with Geoffrey about the incident but was only met with a few grunts and a couple of swear words before he told us he didn’t know what we were talking about and to give it a rest.

No more to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey