Dad Becomes Thermal Engineer When It’s Time To Load The Esky — The Betoota Advocate

Dad Becomes Thermal Engineer When It's Time To Load The Esky — The Betoota Advocate


Local dad Frankman Splainer has called his kids over for an impromptu TEDx Talk after his wife asked him to prepare the esky ahead of a BBQ.

After Mrs Splainer returned home with meats, salad ingredients, bread rolls, sauces, soft drinks, fruit, ice cream and Zooper Doopers, Splainer took care of his half by picking up some beer and ice, both of which sat forgotten on the deck until his wife asked if he could crack on with that.

Then as if possessed by a thermal engineer, Splainer jumped into action and called his son and daughter over for a long overdue lesson in esky science.

Splainer started the demonstration by stomping on a bag of ice to break them up into “granules no bigger than a tennis ball.” At this point, Splainer’s son asked if he could stomp on another bag of ice but was told “no, this is the fun bit for dad.”

“Always, always, always, always pour some water in after you’ve put down the first layer of house drinks,” stated Splainer, privately wishing his children had notebooks to write this vital information down.

“What did I just say?”

Having quickly run out of esky theory to share with his children, Splainer improvised some world icebox fans such as how the Kiwis call them a ‘chilly bin.’

“What do you think about that kids? Pretty cool haha!”

“Go ask your mum if she needs any help. Oh, actually, bring her cooking thermometer out here, I wanna do an experiment. Grab a notebook too. Each.”

Author: Stephen Bailey