Crowds At Origin Opener To Pass Round Collection Plates To Cover Player Fines For Closed Fists — The Betoota Advocate

Crowds At Origin Opener To Pass Round Collection Plates To Cover Player Fines For Closed Fists — The Betoota Advocate


In case you were not aware already, the biff is back.

This comes after the NRL changes their rules surrounding the penalty for on-field aggression during representative matches.

For the first time since the ban of 2013, players can now once again engage in aggressive behaviour, because they will be punished with individual fines, as opposed to the match suspensions that carry over into the regular season.

The referee for tonight’s State of Origin opener, Ashley Klein now has the power to sin-bin players if they throw punches or engage in any other act of foul play throughout the match.

So, with players now given license to throw em without fear of pissing off their club’s coaches, there is a high probability that some of the more hotheaded footballers will be willing to risk ten minutes in the bin and financial repercussions that they are too young to fully understand.

It is for this reason that tonight’s opening match at Sydney’s Olympic Stadium will be the first time a football crowd will be passing around a collection plate.

Rugby League fans have organised amongst themselves to crowd-fund a support package to help cover the costs accrued by Origin players who decide to let a few closed fists fly.

ARL Chair Saint Peter V’Landys says while he does not necessarily endorse any initiatives that encourage on-field violence, he says this is the kind of grass roots engagement that Australian sporting administrators can only dream of.

“I mean, I hope the players don’t take the piss” V’Landys told the Betoota Advocate today.

“But I applaud the fans for this ingenious plan to pass round collection plates”

“I spose you do gotta wonder. Can the kids of today punch on like we used to? We’ve never given them the chance”

“Sometimes I feel like heading down to General Admission at Randwick and chucking a few schooners into the crowd. I wanna see what these young fellas have got. I wanna see the mongrel”

“… I also wanna know if I’ve still got it, just quietly”

Mr V’Landys paused, realising he was now verbalising his own fantasy of getting into one last biff.

“But yeah. Ya do wonder…” he said..

Like, 2020, what would have happened between Payne Haas and Big Country Fa’asuamaleaui if they were allowed to let em fly”

“I guess tonight… We find out”

Author: Stephen Bailey