Colleague Spends Morning Calculating How On Earth Office Frenemy Can Afford Another Week’s Leave — The Betoota Advocate

Colleague Spends Morning Calculating How On Earth Office Frenemy Can Afford Another Week's Leave — The Betoota Advocate


A jealous colleague is running a spreadsheet of calculations this morning, as she looks to calculate how her office enemy can afford another week on holiday.

Glaring at the vacant desk of her long time office enemy, Betoota’s long suffering junior PR executive Hannah Edwards was caught stewing on the fact that’d she was being forced to pickup the slack of a colleague who spends more time in lieu than in the office.

An office junior, who herself is dying for a long weekend, Hannah told our reporter that she couldn’t understand how her team member frenemy Samantha Saunders could possibly have more leave up her sleeve.

“Honestly Samantha is a real piece of work,” Hannah complained to The Advocate.

“She just took 5 weeks off to jaunt about Europe, then I swear back in May she took two weeks off for her sister’s wedding.”

“Plus don’t even get me started on Easter, I swear with some strategic sick days in between Good Friday and Anzac Day she pretty much took the whole of April off!”

Staring at the mounting list of tasks to be ticked off on the notepad sitting on her desk, Hannah decided it was worth ruining her own morning to drop what she was doing and run some hypothetical numbers on her own accord.

Opening up a blank page in Microsoft Excel and leaning into her limited knowledge from Year 5 computer class, it’s believed Hannah started inputting her own unsubstantiated data set, to further fuel the flames of jealously igniting inside her.

“I’ve run the sums and Samantha should be at least about three months in the red, I swear she can’t take another break until Christmas 2025!”

“Yet here I am looking at the end-of-year leave schedule and she’s already taken every Friday in December off and all of January.”

“How does she get away with it!”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey