Coincidence? Australia’s Highest Income Postcode Also Happens To Have Highest Dickhead Ratio — The Betoota Advocate

Coincidence? Australia's Highest Income Postcode Also Happens To Have Highest Dickhead Ratio — The Betoota Advocate


Australia’s highest income postcode has finally been revealed in new data released by the ATO.

However, that is not the whole story. Further analysis of the data by the Common Decency Institute of Australia (CDIA) found that Australia’s highest income postcode also happens to have the highest dickhead ratio, too.


To answer that question, The Advocate interviewed CDIA analyst, Grace Stuckey (34), who explained that her team had since visited the postcode in question and carried out field research to test their findings.

“We did some walking across zebra crossings and watched out for aggressive, selfish behaviour among drivers, and recorded the make and model of the car. We discovered that brand new Jeep Wrangler drivers were 18 times more likely to drive like dickheads than Toyota Corolla drivers,” Stuckey said.

“We also found that Audi drivers were 48 times bigger dickheads than Jeep.”

To cross reference the findings, Stuckey then spent time in the lowest income postcode of the country.

“What we found in low income areas is that people were decent and kind to us. We often received comments such as ‘hello, how are you’, ‘thank you’ or ‘if there’s anything I can do to help just ask’ which was in stark contrast to the conversations we were having with dickheads in rich areas,” she explained.

Stuckey believes the findings show how inequality and wealth can affect a person’s behaviour. She claims that the more wealth a person hoards, the bigger the dickhead they become.

While many assumed the postcode in question had to be Sydney’s Darling Point (2027) or Bellevue Hill (2023), or even Melbourne’s Toorak (3142) or Brighton (3186), it was in fact Betoota’s very own French Quarter (4481) that took out top spot for most dickheads per capita.

Which makes perfect sense given that the postcode is Australia’s only low-rate tax haven. This entices many of Australia’s biggest knobs to reside within the elitist suburb solely to avoid paying tax.

While the CDIA’s findings are by no means conclusive, there have already been calls to expand the study to understand whether the relationship between dickheadedness and career politician is as real as it seems.

Author: Stephen Bailey