City Couple Horrified To Learn Regional Inbreds Buy Indoor Plants Without Woven Hanging Baskets As Well — The Betoota Advocate

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A pair of snobby Sydneysiders have been left mortified this morning, as they experience their first market that isn’t Harris Farm.
After making the brave decision to escape their two bedroom shoebox in Potts Point for a weekend away, it’s believed Sydney couple Hugo and Samara road-tripped north to Wollombi in the NSW Hunter region.

Managing to secure a two night stay in an off-the-grid eco cabin, the pair were reportedly incredibly excited by the prospect of paying $1200 to sleep in a converted shipping container with no WiFi.

However after a night unwinding in the tranquil serenity of Yengo National Park, it’s believed the couple decided to venture into town to find some breakfast and potentially visit an art gallery.

Whilst strolling the rows of bric-a-brac stalls and the odd jam maker, Hugo admitted to our reporter that he thought the whole place was a bit shit.

“Uhhh, is this where all the locals do all their shopping,” Hugo stupidly asked our reporter, screwing his face up at a table of handmade wooden toys.

“Is this like their version of Target?”

Unimpressed with the extensive selection of WWII memorabilia, rusted Arnotts tins and DVD boxsets of CSI Miami on display, the couple ventured towards a nursery stall in the hope of buying some souvenirs from their country escape.

Tip-toeing through rows of plants for sale, the couple were surprised to discover that none of the Peace Lilies or Devils Ivy came prepared in a macrame style woven hanging basket, like the ones they usually buy for $55 at their favourite florist in Darlinghurst.

“So you have to pot them yourself, is that why they’re $10?” asked Samara, as she read the price scrawled in black marker.

Despite being impressed by the price, it’s believed fear of allowing loose dirt to scatter freely in the boot of their hired RAV4 convinced the pair not to make any purchases.

“Hmmm, i think I’ll just wait til we get home, let’s support our own local business hey honey…”

Author: Stephen Bailey