Cheap Brunch Spot Passes Wage Theft On To You — The Betoota Advocate

Cheap Brunch Spot Passes Wage Theft On To You — The Betoota Advocate


Proving they are for the quiet Australian the Coalition government cut Sunday penalty rates in July 2019 enabling business owners to pay their staff less and impacting the 770,300 Australian hospitality workers or the equivalent of x20 mining industries. 

One cafe that disagrees with this practice is Betoota brunch spot The Butter Hole who prefers their workers are paid in a system that honours gold old fashioned wage theft.

Now the French Quarter institution is making sure their criminal activity pays dividends by passing the savings on to you with cheap brunch options to suit every palette.

“I’ll get the $6 bacon and egg roll thanks,” one regular said to his waiter who would probably be eating boiled rice for dinner again. 

“This place is the best!”

After the cafe made the decision to stop paying their workers a fair amount, many regulars were concerned that their pretentious but kind waitstaff would make the transition into being just pretentious waitstaff.

According to witness reports, this doesn’t seem to have happened as the waitstaff are now more polite as they really need the tips and additionally hardly have a shred of self-esteem left to be bothered acting pretentious. 

Author: Stephen Bailey