Bushie Down For The Rugby In Sydney’s Been Getting A Few Compliments On His Loud Shirt And Athletic Physique — The Betoota Advocate

Bushie Down For The Rugby In Sydney's Been Getting A Few Compliments On His Loud Shirt And Athletic Physique — The Betoota Advocate

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A relatively well-built young man with questionable fashion sense has made his way down from the Central West of New South Wales to the beating heart of Sydney this week in anticipation of a weekend of sport.

On Friday night, David Brown of Manildra fame will be heading to the new stadium in Moore Park to watch a bit of explosive rugby union action as the NSW Waratahs take on some other team.

He admits he’ll have his back turned to most of the game as he catches up with old friends from university and the like downstairs at the bar. That’s before he turns himself lose on Oxford Street afterwards.

On the Saturday, he’s making his way out to Manly to watch the Sea Eagles get flogged by the Bulldogs. Though he tells our reporter that he’s more interested in getting hammered on the hill and yelling things.

However, after arriving yesterday afternoon, he dumped his bags on swag at his mate’s place in Darlinghurst and despite his mate having a real job, they went out for a quite beer last night on the strip.

“They’re very nice in Sydney these days,” he explained to The Advocate.

“When I was living here back in the day, people would pour out of these clubs and punch each other until the cops pretty much had to shoot them. It was chaos. Not really but you know what I mean. But yeah, Gusso and I were out last night having some a Tooheys New or two. About ten. We drank News until we spews [laughs] No, yeah, honestly but yeah, few blokes asked me where I got the shirt from. Not sure, maybe RB Sellars or Dust n Boots. Not sure. It could actually be a Ringers. It might actually be one of Dad’s old ones. I have a pair of these moss green dog-eared moleskins of his. They’re wild,”

“But a bit of the old Sydney is there. A few blokes looked me up and down and eyeballed me hard like they wanted to blue. I’m too old for kung fu these days. I’ve got sheep to drench next week and I can’t be all fucked up from fighting some clown at the taxi rank,”

“Anyway, good to get away from the family for a few days. Maybe have a few cigs, too.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey