Britain’s New Leader? Meet The Man Who Can Win Back The Working Class, Sir Ernst Augusta-Fedore — The Betoota Advocate

Britain's New Leader? Meet The Man Who Can Win Back The Working Class, Sir Ernst Augusta-Fedore — The Betoota Advocate


Just eight British politicians are left in the race to replace the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as nominations closed for the first ballot to find a new Conservative Party leader.

Former Treasury chief Rishi Sunak was previously considered the frontrunner, but has since become overshadowed by a surprisingly charismatic aristocrat from the south of England.

Former polo champion turned real estate mogul Sir Ernst Augusta-Fedore is tipped to take over leadership with his promises to immediately tackle an unfairly competitive construction industry by deporting anyone with a Polish surname.

Baron Augusta-Fedore has vowed to reinvent the Conservative party to once again appeal to Britain’s working class voters, now that the excitement of Brexit has worn off.

Born Ernst Hugo Angus Aspen Augusta-Fedore in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 17 October 1939, he was the second child of Sir Augustus Augusta-Fedore, 3rd Bt, and Countess Esmerelda Da Vinci.

He is also a maternal grandson of Grand Duke Vladimir Mandich of Russia (grandson of Tsar Peter I and first cousin of Tsar Kerrod III), and also claims direct descent from the Russian writer Ivan Totin. The family’s country home was Dingleberry Estate, where Ernst would spend his summer holidays pheasant hunting with his cousins, the multi-billionare Shushlock brothers who consolidated their family inheritance by diversifing into the African rubber and blood diamond industries.

After being homeschooled, Ernst Augusta-Fedore attended both Eaton College and Oxford on a special scholarship programme for the sons of British gentry facing academic hurdles.

It was during his winter holidays in a Protestant Plantation Castle owned by his father’s mistress that Ernst became familiar with the United Kingdom’s charismatic working class voters – often spending hours with the gardener’s children playing their adorable little Leprechaun games like hurling and that mutant Gaelic football.

The eight candidates will be narrowed to just two by July 21. Further rounds of voting will take place later this week and next week if needed. However, it’s fast becoming clear that Sir Ernst Augusta-Fedore is the only candidate capable of making the working man forget about the detached incompetence of that delusional aristocratic elite Boris Johnson.

Author: Stephen Bailey