Brisbane Accountant Driving Lifted 2020 Landcruiser With Safari Snorkel Hasn’t Even Been To Moreton — The Betoota Advocate

Brisbane Accountant Driving Lifted 2020 Landcruiser With Safari Snorkel Hasn't Even Been To Moreton — The Betoota Advocate


Hendra-based project accountant, Digby Blayney (35) is yet to provide a decent explanation as to why he drives perhaps one of the most expensive cars to run in CBD traffic.

With no automatic gearbox, high roll-centre and low gearing – the 2020 Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series is far from what you’d want for your commute from Racecourse road to Queen street.

That’s not to mention the waste of torque coming from the 4.5-litre diesel V8, which doesn’t really get the opportunity to go over 60ks – but burns through fuel like a Commodore on Mount Pan.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking with that rig” says one of Digby’s mates, Daveo.

“It’s one thing to drive a no-reason ute… A lot of white collars do that in Brisbane for some reason”

“But to drive a brand spanking cruiser and to kit it out like a park ranger…. That’s just a depraved waste of money”

“He’s rocking a safari snorkel. That thing didn’t even get a splash in the 2020 floods. He’s not even living near the Brown Snake [Brisbane River]”

The fact that Digby has had this car lifted and fitted out with top of the line 4X4 accessories is not lost on anyone, even his wife, who says she’s still waiting for the day they get to take the thing to Moreton Island.

“It’s never been on a barge.” says Digby’s wife Jessica.

“The closest it’s gotten is the City Cat car parks”

However, Digby insists he loves taking ‘the beast’ off-road. Although, it is not clear what he constitutes as off-road.

“You ever been up the Noosa Hinterland?” asks Digby, as he goes on to describe the high-octane unsealed roads of Eumundi.

“She gets dirty. Don’t worry about her haha”

Author: Stephen Bailey