Boomer Rants For 12 Minutes About Airport Wait Times To Airport Staff — The Betoota Advocate

Boomer Rants For 12 Minutes About Airport Wait Times To Airport Staff — The Betoota Advocate


A local boomer has done one for the culture today by ranting to airport staff about how long he has had to wait, all while quite the queue built up behind him.

In case you do not have a disposable income, you should know that airports around the world have faced massive delays due to travel demands and airlines deliberately not getting their shit together in hopes of another relief package.

One person not taking the delays well is local concreting firm manager Greg Tilhurst (66) who has let the staff know about the inconvenience they have dealt with every day this year.

“We’ve been here for three hours now, our flight leaves in six, do you realise how much of our time you’ve wasted?” berated Tilhurst, unaware he was taking an eye for an eye approach.

“I’m here with my wife, she is a laryngitis survivor and you lot just haven given a shit!”

Unfortunately for Tilhurst, but to the pleasure of everyone else including his wife, the remaining airport staff in 2022 give less of a shit than they did before and certainly aren’t here to take any.

“Sir, may I suggest that if you got here nine hours before your flight that we are not the ones wasting your time?” asked one of the budget airline check in staff.

“You’ve waited three hours in a line at an airport, I’ve waited eight years for a pay rise also in an airport. You’ve given us your feedback, I will pass it through to HQ, they will send you a copy, you are free to print it out, roll it up, and shove it directly up your arse, which I’m guessing is as red and grey as your face.”

Looking a little like he’d brushed against a wet plastic bag on the street, Tilhurst paid the extra charge for exceeding the baggage limit, and sulked away to spend $419 on four beers.

Author: Stephen Bailey