Bogeyman Thwarted After Child Deploys Doona — The Betoota Advocate

Bogeyman Thwarted After Child Deploys Doona — The Betoota Advocate


A quick-thinking child has been spared a grisly demise after seeking refuge under the doona in response to strange sounds in his bedroom last Thursday night.

“I thought I could hear something moving around under the bed” said 8 year old Betoota Acres resident Oliver Canter “and then the cupboard door moved a bit. Lucky I was ready and pulled the doona over my head; I reckon it was a real close one”.

After deploying the doona, Oliver spent a tense night waiting for the sunrise that would force the bogeyman back into hiding.

Oliver’s parents, who were advised of the close call the next morning, said that whilst they were relieved he was ok, they were still rattled by the close call. “I didn’t even know it was bogeyman season yet, but I guess with all this crazy weather they are out early this year” said Oliver’s dad, Andre. “Lucky we bought the bogeyman-proof doona; some of the ones in the shop look ok but they are only bogeyman-resistant, which really only provide short-term protection. We won’t be making that mistake again, especially after what happened to his sister”.

The local Bogeyman said he was disappointed the child had disappeared under the doona, but accepted that you can’t win them all. “Narrrrghhh” he explained in an emotional telephone interview “Graaaaaahhhh. Naaaarrrr! Gruuug-nnnaaAAAarrrr!”

Author: Stephen Bailey