Bloke Working From Home Takes Third Shower Before Lunch  — The Betoota Advocate

Bloke Working From Home Takes Third Shower Before Lunch  — The Betoota Advocate

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Nathaniel Hicks (28), a public servant who has worked from home for the last 2 years, has broken new ground by having his third shower of the day before lunch. 

The day started like most. While staring at a second monitor emptier than his soul during his team’s daily stand up, Nathaniel, whose official title is ‘project officer’, told colleagues that his calendar was looking ‘pretty clear’ and that he ‘had capacity’ and was ‘contactable if needed.’

Nathaniel, who had previously worked said that he took the job for money, admitted having no idea of what his job would entail when applying. 

“I lied on my resume and said a bunch of stuff about stakeholder management. To be honest with you, I’ve never once had an situation where I’ve had to navigate the competing interests of various stakeholders in my entire life,” he said.

For months now, Nathaniel has said he’s been having two showers before his first break of the day. 

“I don’t even work out or anything, it’s just boredom, I guess. There’s only so many online cyber security courses I can do in a day.”

“Sure, part of me feels guilty about it because it’s the taxpayer dollars that pay my wages. But we have to pay for our own drinks at the Christmas party, so it equals itself out.”

The moment of truth came in the half an hour window before his hour long lunchbreak. 

“I’d just finished filling out my flexsheet for the past few weeks and I really felt like I’d earnt something special,” he said. 

“The towel was still a bit wet, but outside of that, it was a nice experience. I reckon I’ll do it again.”

When asked what’s in store for the rest of the day, Nathaniel said, “Wednesdays are pretty cruisy in our team. We have our weekly downtime at 2:30, which will involve Josh talking about what books he’s currently reading and our manager asking how everyone’s kids are going. I reckon a 3:30 knock off is on the cards, then maybe I’ll go bouldering. I’ve been getting really into that lately.”

Author: Stephen Bailey