Bloke Driving Mazda 2 With A Towbar Clearly An Optimist — The Betoota Advocate

Bloke Driving Mazda 2 With A Towbar Clearly An Optimist — The Betoota Advocate


Zipping through the streets of Betoota Heights in a race against time to make his 5-a-side mixed soccer match, local dental receptionist Jarrod Andrews (24) is clearly an optimist.

Spotted recklessly hooning in his 2011 Mazda 2, which was recently kitted out with an aftermarket towbar, Mr Andrews is showing all the characteristics of a man that loves to deny the naysayers and dream big.

Despite facing years of torment from his overly macho-mates, who refer to the vehicle as the ‘Beauticians Go-Kart’, it’s believed Mr Andrews decided to install the towbar in an effort to open up a whole new world of weekend opportunities.

“So a few of the boys like going bush on weekends and taking on some of the four-wheel driving tracks out at Betoota Dams, it’s just nice to know I can join em’ if I want to,” said Mr Andrews.

“The car isn’t fully kitted out yet, I’m still in the market for an Adventure Kings hardshell rooftop tent, but they don’t make them that compact so I’ve had to email about a potential custom job.”

Despite not receiving a response and being met with equal amounts of laughter from several automotive fabrication businesses, some of which told him to “Fuck off, ya dreaming” for prank calling their business, Mr Andrews is confident his little whip can play with the big boys.

Despite clear warnings on the installation guide that states the bar is only capable of carrying braked loads of up to 900kg, Mr Andrews seems to think he’ll be of some use.

“Everyone can say what they want about my car, but when they need to be towed out of a floodway, they’ll be giving me a call.”

“Then who’ll be laughing?!”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey