Bloke At Dad’s Work Reckons His Mate Actually Had The Trifecta Yesterday — The Betoota Advocate

Bloke At Dad's Work Reckons His Mate Actually Had The Trifecta Yesterday — The Betoota Advocate


A local father of three has taken time out of his busy day to call all of his three kids – and a couple of his nephews as well.

59-year-old Todd Parker has made sure to blow up their phones in the middle of a working day to inform them of the big news he’s just heard, and check in on how there going.

“How’d ya go yesterday,” asked the old man who has had to lean on his anti-hangover software after consuming enough alcohol to bring down a 120 kilo rugby league player on Melbourne Cup Day.

With all of his kids stepping away from their desks to field the call which they thought might be something urgent, Toddy was sad to learn that none of his family managed to nab the winner.

“Yeah the donkey I backed is still running,” laughed Todd.

“But, you know Simmo, the bloke who was round at ours last year with Mick,” he followed up referencing a couple of clinically obese beer drinkers that appear similar to all of the other people he knows from work and footy.

“Apparently he banged the trifecta, and like not boxed or anything,” he laughed.

“How bout that? Reckons it was paying like 10 grand or something, and he had 10 bucks on it.”

“Geez, I wouldn’t have minded that aye.”

After being informed by all of his children that they too would also have liked a hundred thousand in cash, Todd then began discussing plans for Christmas and a few other bits and pieces.

“Alright, I better let ya go,” he says before kicking off another story about their second cousin he bumped into the other day.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey