Beautiful Sydney Turns It On For Nedd Brockman’s Final Leg — The Betoota Advocate

Beautiful Sydney Turns It On For Nedd Brockman's Final Leg — The Betoota Advocate


The picturesque Harbour City has outdone itself today, by turning on some textbook Sydney weather – ahead of one of the most important days in the 2022 calendar.

This comes as Bondi beach plays host to the finish line of mega-marathon runner Nedd Brockman’s final leg of his 4000 kilometre journey from Perth to Sydney – completely on foot.

After departing Cottesloe Beach in Perth on September 1, the 23-year-old has since averaged more than 80 kilometres per day since – and is scheduled to arrive at Bondi Beach this evening at around 5:30pm.

This superhuman from the rural town of Forbes has raised more than $1.3 million for Mobilise, a charity that helps those experiencing homelessness, while jogging the equivalent of more than 270 City2Surf races

Accompanied by his parents, Kylie and Ian Brockmann, girlfriend Jemma Griffin, friend and photographer Bradley Farley, as well as his physio – Nedd has run approximately 10 hours each day, commencing at around 5am.

After spending the night in Campbelltown ahead of his last day of running, Nedd has been treated to some glorious Sydney showers for his final 100 kilometres.

Torrential rain and hissing winds is just about what anyone could have expected from Sydney on this momentous day, as the petty city decides to not make it easy for Nedd on the last leg.

With headwinds and heavy rainbombs,

One positive that can come from this La Nina weather pattern, is that the rammed traffic across the city has given hundreds of thousands of commuters the chance to see Nedd run past.

However, despite all the dark clouds and bubbling stormdrains, the pissing rain is not expected to thin any of the cheering crowds who will be making their way out to witness the blonde-haired sparkie from western NSW arrive in Bondi this arvo.


Author: Stephen Bailey