Barilaro Lands Another Job In NYC Impersonating A Pan-Am Pilot And Forging Fake Payroll Checks — The Betoota Advocate

Barilaro Lands Another Job In NYC Impersonating A Pan-Am Pilot And Forging Fake Payroll Checks — The Betoota Advocate


The embattled former NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro has gone ahead with his highly publicised plans to relocate to New York, after finding another plum job that pays him a huge sum of money to impersonate a qualified professional.

This come day after a high-profile former senior government staffer claimed that Barilaro told him he would create the New York ‘trade commissioner’ role to serve specifically as a golden parachute for his post-political life.

This ever-growing scandal could mark the second NSW Liberal Government brought to it’s knees by the brazen actions of National Party cowboys, who make no apologies for treating tax-payer dollars like monopoly money.

However, despite resigning suddenly last year, it seems that Barilaro simply cannot escape scandal – now that even his attempts to disappear quietly into a $500,000 per year posting have been so riddled with allegations of corruption that the entire ordeal has been referred to the state’s corruption watchdog ICAC.

Still, the Dark Prince Of Queanbeyan is refusing to let a simple Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry stifle his dreams of swing dancing through the hot summer Harlem nights.

The former window frame manufacturer turned second-most-powerful politician in Australia’s largest economy has been spotted at JFK airport this morning, flanked by an entourage of giggling blonde flight attendants.

It can be confirmed that Barilaro’s newest gig in NYC is working as an airline pilot for Pan Am airways, after acquiring a near-identical uniform from a Manhattan textiles factory.

The fact that Barilaro is in no way qualified to operate a 747 passenger plane does not appear to have deterred him from taking this role that should really be going to someone with the appropriate credentials.

While this job does not come with an New York office that can be renovated for around one million tax payer dollars, his work as a pilot does give him access to a number of blank of pay roll checks, which allows him to supplement his income.

And like his time as Deputy Premier, it is not certain if this will be a long-term role or one that he will suddenly resign from – however, he does have a back up plan to impersonate an obstetrician in Louisana.

Author: Stephen Bailey