Australians To Now Make An Effort To Call It “Football” — The Betoota Advocate

Australians To Now Make An Effort To Call It "Football" — The Betoota Advocate


After a sensational morning in Qatar, the nation of Australia has now promised to be on its best behaviour.

For the next twelve months at least.

This comes as the Socceroos booked themselves a spot in the FIFA World Cup, after a nail-biting victory against South American opponents Peru.

The win came off the back of an electric performance in the goals from the dancing Andrew Redmayne, who stood up in the penalty shoot-out.

That incredible win has led to many around the country promising to call the sport ‘Football,’ until the end of the year at the very least.

The big admission comes after the national football team named after the American name for the sport and a Kangaroo, reminded the nation they exist, by playing themselves into some sudden death knockout games.

With back-to-back sudden death games on the cards, the nation has remembered that we actually like playing at the pinnacle of world sport.

After a 32-year drought until John Aloisi’s famous penalty in 2005, making the World Cup has become a bit of formality for spoilt sports fans.

So, after a little scare, the nation has now admitted they are happy to call it football for the near future.

“It’s not real football, but I’ll indulge it for the next bit alright,” said Cameron Cherry, a Reserve Grade prop for the Betoota Dolphins this morning.

“They’ve earnt it”

The Socceroos, who are yet to rename to the Footballroos, will now head back to Qatar at the end of the year to join France, Denmark, and Tunisia in group D.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey