ATO Adds Exciting New Tipping Feature For True Patriots — The Betoota Advocate

ATO Adds Exciting New Tipping Feature For True Patriots — The Betoota Advocate


Tipping culture continues to scrape for a foothold in Australia, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) is the latest group to get in on a piece of Americanisation we really don’t want to get behind.

Previously, Australia has prided itself on not adopting an American-style tipping culture by paying minimum wage workers, in areas such as hospitality, a livable wage, and not an unlivable one that relies on the generosity of strangers.

In the wake of the pandemic, the cost of living has increased which is why big businesses have very generously asked if consumers wouldn’t mind chipping in a little extra for their workers so that they don’t have to.

“Come on,” stated one share economy CEO.

“We’re rich and you’re already poor, can’t you just help each other out? What happened to poor solidarity?”

Increasingly, Australians are concerned about the growing amount of services that are now soliciting tips such as restaurants, hairdressers, ticket booking services, and more.

The ATO is the latest to join the party and is hoping that true patriots won’t mind rounding up the difference and leave a generous tip when lodging their tax return.

“It’s a very on brand decision for us at the ATO, we’re always wanting something for nothing,” joked tax office spokesperson Jemaine Gryphon.

“Just know that a tip for the ATO is tax deductible and that any amount of 15% or higher is appreciated.”

So far there have been 0 takers for the ATO tipping feature despite the tipping prompts throughout the entire claim lodging process and in a no reply text after.

The new feature has angered everyone with an IQ exceeding 12 with consumer group Choice calling it a bigger waste of money than wasting money.

“If you’re reading this, don’t tip. Even if the service was really great and you’re certain the wait staff is the love of your life, don’t do it,” stated the Choice spokesperson.

“Your generosity is just going to be weaponised by corporations and lobbyists who will say workers don’t need a pay rise because they receive tips.”

“The next minute you’ll be tipping 20% on a haircut that makes you look like all three stooges and have to tip the parking machine on the way out.”

Author: Stephen Bailey