AFL Figures Who Stood By During Goodes Saga Call For Shameful Booing Of Ginnivan To End — The Betoota Advocate

AFL Figures Who Stood By During Goodes Saga Call For Shameful Booing Of Ginnivan To End — The Betoota Advocate


It pays to be white in Victorian Footy, it has again been confirmed.

This comes as prominent AFL figures who stood by while dual Brownlow medallist Adam Goodes was hatefully booed into early retirement, have leapt out of their white skins to call for an end to the malicious booing of 19 year old, Jack Ginnivan.

Yet in their defence, it is perhaps wrong to say that the AFL figures ‘stood by’ during the shameful Goodes saga.

The truth is they actively added fuel to the blazing fire of racism as several documentaries on the subject have since clearly shown.

At the time, while the AFL figures repeatedly denied the relentless booing of a proud Aboriginal man was racially motivated, what became clear for anyone with half a brain was that if the question was being asked country-wide in the first place, the answer was obviously ‘yes it was’.

Whatever the case, Ginnivan, who is just a boy in his first season, claims that he is ‘emotionally and mentally drained’ from the incessant hate he is receiving from the entire AFL world. 

In response, it was expected that at least one of the prominent yet low-IQ AFL figures, like Sam Newman or Jason Akermanis, would make comment that Ginnivan was ‘playing the victim’ in all this, just as they did back when Goodes dared to speak out about fans as young as 13 racially abusing him each week. 

But nobody has stood by this time.

Unbelievably, every prominent AFL figure who has ever used their position of power to make their opinions heard, has sung in one united voice, ‘stop the shameful booing!’

Even former Magpies President, Sir Eddie Maguire, has thrown his two-cents into all this, making it clear that the shameful booing must stop. 

“When I hear them maliciously boo one of our own, it feels like an imaginary spear is being thrust right into my heart, and it’s the imaginary spear that cuts the deepest,” Maguire sobbed.

True to form, the AFL has chosen not to release a statement until Ginnivan either retires or suffers a complete mental breakdown.

Author: Stephen Bailey