Advice Column | Side-Hustles That Pay Little But Use All Of Your Time And Energy — The Betoota Advocate


Having a side-hustle is cool and hip. You get more street cred if you be hustlin’ in the hours outside of your exhausting full-time 9-5 job. 

The good news is that if you’re of working age you have so much time ahead of you to work more, and boundless energy to spend on more work.

But with so many side-hustles available today, it’s almost impossible to choose which one you want to spend all of your free time and energy working on outside of your other work.

Thankfully, I’ve got years of side-hustlin’ experience and I know what pays little and what pays nothing. To help you start your own tiny income producing side-hustle, I’ve boiled down the top 3 you should do if working 40 hours a week is not enough for you already.

1. Start a Blog – Financial independence is only always one more blog away. This hustle takes a massive upfront investment of time and energy before those demands quickly peter out as you lose interest due to a lack of readers and income.

2. Online Course – Offer your expertise online by creating courses that teach others how to work on side-hustles on top of their other jobs. The best part about this hustle is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home which will increasingly begin to feel like a place of work. This will mean you can’t relax so you’ll start thinking ‘I may as well work more then’ which opens up opportunities for more side-hustles.

3. Part-Time Job – Dog walker, babysitter, these are some of the minimum wage jobs you can start at night as soon as you’ve made the hour-long commute from your full-time job. Between transport and meal costs, plus the extra tax burden you’ll cop for taking on a 2nd job, you’ll lose money. Yet these are common side-hustles people do.

If something you love doing can make you money – like more work – then why not take up a side-hustle above your existing full-time work commitments today? 

Author: Stephen Bailey