Advice Column | Cost-Effective Ways Of Shedding Staff Through A Terrible Work Place Culture — The Betoota Advocate

Advice Column | Cost-Effective Ways Of Shedding Staff Through A Terrible Work Place Culture — The Betoota Advocate


Hi I’m Dr Chet Spevens, and as Australia’s leading divine channel business intuitive and financial life coach, I’m here to help your business reach its full potential.

One exciting way to do that is to reduce wage costs through staff shedding by taking your healthy work place culture and turning it toxic.
This is a cost-effective technique. As an employer, you’d know that it can be a costly exercise shedding staff. Redundancy packages, two weeks’ severance pay, unfair dismissal claims, there are so many ways in which an employee can cost you money if you give them the boot.

To avoid all that, just don’t fire them. Instead, let them fire themselves through the systematic delivery of an increasingly terrible work place culture.

While there are numerous ways the best employers cultivate a toxic culture, by far the most cost-effective method is to simply update and enforce your company’s core values. 

Believe me it works!

When I wanted to cut my FinTech Company’s wage costs in half to profit more during our initial growth phase, I changed my Company’s core values to Hostility, Gossip, Selfishness, Guns and Gina Rinehart.

Almost immediately, I shed about 25% staff and it didn’t cost me a cent. Granted, those who left were my highest performers but still, wage costs were down. 

Shedding staff through a terrible work place culture has not only worked to reduce wage costs for my Company, it’s also reduced the costs associated with maintaining a healthy work place culture. I no longer spend a cent on any wellbeing initiatives or staff morale activities. I just email them each morning and say ‘work harder or you’re fired!’ 

And now that none of my staff talk to each other anymore, all they do is work so productivity is up. And even though each day I shed more staff, the remaining staff keep picking up the slack. I think that’s because those who remain actually really need the job, and so are now extra fearful of being let go. 

Oh, the irony! The last thing I want to do is fire them, haha.

So do your company a favour, turn your healthy work place culture toxic today and reap the benefits.

Author: Stephen Bailey