Advice Column | Betting With Mates Is Healthy And Fun For Everyone — The Betoota Advocate

Advice Column | Betting With Mates Is Healthy And Fun For Everyone — The Betoota Advocate


When I was a kid we didn’t have betting apps and we certainly couldn’t bet with mates.

We had to walk 5 miles down to the nearest bookies and bet individually with physical cash money.

None of this ‘credit cards’ beeswax. It was a lonely, isolating experience.

Society was sick as a result.

In those lonely gambling days before you could share the thrill of a quaddie with your mates, Australia was nothing but financial hardship.

It’s easy to see why.

Evolutionary scientology tells us that humans are social creatures.

It’s an instinctual drive we’ve developed to aide our survival.

But more than survival, social interaction is a key determinant of mental health, and is in fact the leading cause of living a long, healthy and fun life.

Thanks to technological and societal advancement, Australia has finally ascended to the crisp, delicious heights of true civilisation, where we can all bet with mates together.

This is healthy and fun for everyone.

I’m so thankful to the gambling Exec who conjured up the brilliant idea of betting with mates.

It could just be the turning point in Australian history, where as a nation we finally come together in peace and gambling.

No more financial hardship.

Just laughter, mateship, social connection and multi-bets.

I love Australia.

The Country is many things.

It is a land mass, cities, humans, animals and plants.

But more than anything, today Australia is gambling.

And that’s why so many Australian’s love gambling, because they love Australia.

We can’t let the gambling spirit of Australia wane. Betting alone will only set our civilisation back to the bad old days.

So I for one celebrate the novel idea of using peer pressure to add fuel to Australia’s gambling pandemic.

Betting with mates is the answer.

It’s healthy and fun not just for you or me or our mates, but for our families, our children, and our children’s children.

Call me optimistic but I have a dream.

I dream that one day each and every Australian will be able to download a betting app and reach out to their long lost mates to see if they want to gamble together.

In that moment, the soul of this divided nation will finally heal.

Author: Stephen Bailey