50% Of “Funny Videos” In Tradie Boyfriend’s Group Chat Actually Just Life Threatening Injuries — The Betoota Advocate

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Considering her boyfriend’s propensity for watching compilation videos of men hurting themselves playing sports, local woman Kat Olsen [24] should have known better than to ask what was so funny on his phone.

She could have kept her peace, and not had an image burned in her retinas that was so gruesome yet oddly transfixing, seeing as she had no idea a human body was capable of doing that – which made it very evident she was not subject to the lolshock era of the internet, where everyone sent each other links of that bloke squatting on a mason jar.

But unfortunately after her quest for a movie was interrupted by a squeal of laughter, Kat made the mistake of enquiring what Aaron was looking at. And what was even more unfortunate, was that Aaron had no qualms with showing her.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh, something in the boys chat (Schlong Daddies), it’s pretty fucked hahahaha.”

“What is it? Can I see?”

Turning the phone towards her with a gleeful smile, Kat is presented with a video that says ‘put your finger on the screen’, which then turns into a man exposing his giant prolapsed rectum.



As Aaron tried to explain that this normal for tradies and that it all just came from one of their fucked mates, Kat is still trying to grapple with what she saw.

“Was that HIS INSIDES?”


More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey